Valentine’s Day is this FRIDAY! If you still haven’t find a gift for your guy yet, don’t worry I got you covered. Sometimes it’s a little harder finding the perfect gift for men. So I asked some of my guy friends “What would you like as a Valentine’s Day gift?”  Here are the top answers:

1) Watches

 It’s a gift that they will use year-round. For guys it’s what really completes an outfit. To choose one you’ll have to think on his daily activities and style for example, if he’s into sports, a water-resistant would be best or if he’s more of classic guy a leather strap watch.

2) Romantic Dinner

If you’re on a budget or don’t feel in the mood of going out you can make him a nice romantic dinner at home. Besides since it will be a Friday night, most restaurants will be full.

3) Lingerie

Yes, I did put this on gifts ideas for her, but it’s a gift that you’ll both enjoy (especially him).

4) Take him on an adventure

Be spontaneous, go sky diving, kayaking, scuba diving or just go for a hike. Think of something that he might have wanted to do or that you know he will enjoy.

5) Perfumes

This is the most common gift for Valentine’s Day. They use it frequently, you can never have too many and if he has a signature fragrance it will be easy to shop for.

I hope its helpful!


Mariely Anais

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